Scope Art NY 2014: Views, Images & Appreciation by Adriana J. Garces


Welcome everyone!

I hope you enjoy this, my first post on Blogger regarding an Art Review. 
This Blog post is about my recent visit to Scope NY 2014, on closing day, March 9th. 2014. The show took place at the iconic New York City Post Office, within its Skylight at Moynihan Station.

It is not my intention to make it as most reviews are, but to keep it in the spirit of sharing: allowing the viewer to make their own choices as to what they do or do not like. 
Some you may find are beautiful, ethereal, strange (to some), novel and even quite extraordinary.
For some works I have the Artist’s information, including some tidbits on materials used and the like.
Not all have the info, yet it is with great respect for all Artists great and greater, with which I include my captures as I enjoyed them. Any accurate information shared to update Artist information would be welcome and greatly appreciated.

In total I was able to capture 177 photos, although I didn’t include them all.
I will gladly provide the entire collection to Artists and their representatives who participated at Scope NY 2014, by special request. 

Kindly be civil, respectful and peaceful while commenting to this blog post and any others I may publish.  

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Without further fluff, here is my collection of Scope Art Show 2014 images:

This beautiful painting is actually two!…see below for the accordion designed thrill

These two (top & bottom) was a video type of installation where a male and female figure were individually framed, appearing to throw the red ball between each other.

A Bansky job? It’s a lift gate door from a small box truck, just like an opinion 😉

The popular remake of our US flag, in Black, White & Gold “swag.”

Beautiful expressions in realism, with an adorable girl amongst urban, written walls.

Relief sculpture, materials unbeknownst by me.

Cubist renditions with admiring viewer.

“Cyclops” series: a Collection of Surrealistic pieces with hidden figures within.
Works from David Cooley

A door with lots of hardware attached, admired in style, execution & materials by my Gallery buddy and I

This and the two following next…well, let’s say Elvis must be turning-and I hope its ‘s in a “twist as he dances!”

The first booth and group we viewed upon entering

I loved these very realistic pieces!

FC Sofia, Painted Resin (Domestic 200%) I like 😉

Well done! A couple of pieces I found to be in an Illustration/Pinup style, above a strangely positioned depiction of Jesus-remixed.

The “Selfie,” was quite an attention-getter! Weapons and all, one might sense it’s an actual person by the scale.

I found this group of photographic imagery an interesting message as the tides of religion & tradition are turning to portray the role of us women in society as more than a man’s object and oppressed group. Also, I LOVE the highly glossed finish with this one in red!

Fantastical imagery, soft mesmerizing gazes and subtle color tones made this a collection I enjoyed going over. Artist anyone??

Here’s another material based selection which grabbed me…the texture appears as a soft, cloud-like relief. See the side view on the lips below>>

Yes, please 😉

This dear person is none other than Keira Rathbone, whom we met while entering. She’s a London based Artist who typewrites images! I had to see what she was upto & there she was, creating an Architectural wonder with her typewriter on paper!  I politely asked if she would accept a photo shot…she kindly accepted 🙂 Thank you Keira…You rock and your work just blew me away!

The pioneers of Electronica (for those of you who didn’t know) Kraftwerk…one of my all time favorite musicians, here rendered splendidly.

Highly acclaimed nuance in sculpting scenes from book pages with LED illumination.

Peek-a-boo! Layers of light, airy sheets create a spectacular piece of 3D inspired art

Sculptures I almost couldn’t get dragged away from, by Lorenzo Quinn of Spain

Give & Take by Lorenzo Quinn
One booth I particularly liked was this from Lori Zimmer & Moniker Projects.

I was fooled by this statue of a man & child! Many were placed within the section, in the most unexpected, curious ways.

Another great looking statue was this equestrian one, with man laying back upon the horse. I don’t know it’s material structure yet, but I did enjoy seeing it up close. it appeared as if made of some sort of paper, although it can be the artist’s special touch 🙂

Another piece which blew me away, was this man crouching while, as it seems, was having keys thrown at him. Marvelous crafting!

Pink Panther a la femme

My comic relief, essentially, a grouping I looked forward to 😉

More gorgeous works of large portraiture, here and below >>

A self portrait in the Arcadia booth…very thought provoking.

Gorgeous rebels

Here’s a very pleasing piece, which looks like an enlarged notebook page was torn out & graded by a professor of one “Ryan.”

My hair got wind blown after all the awesome pieces I’d just seen!

Refined scultptural pieces trended well at this show. This collection was exquisite, all around.

A series of works with a “stone” quality about them. Look closely!

Surrealistic pieces showing excellence in anatomy

“Superman’s Smoke Break”

This from one of my favorite Artists, Street Artist or any, Swoon.

Controversy is surely a spark in conversations over this cross in weapons sculpture. Well crafted, beyond any comments previously or following.

Dubbed “the Warhols” I got a kick out of this booth 🙂

Love the background painting!! Anyone?

A view through modern eyes with a retro kinda flair

Superb portraiture

Out the eyes, through the nose, in the mouth…Surreal and well executed.