Visual Artist Martin Rolon Featured at The Secret City: A Special Presentation


Yesterday, March 30th. 2014, marked a very special day for one of my dearest friends since childhood: Visual Artist, Martin Rolon. 
A very special presentation of his work was part of “Gender”, the theme for this month at The Secret City in New York’s Lower East Side.

Martin Rolon’s portrait collection of Queer Icons. Can you guess who they are?

Martin is a Visual artist working in repurposed leather. From this medium he so meticulously taught himself to perfect, he created a series of large portraits depicting queer icons. Those fantastic pieces debuted at the event as a group.
A native New Yorker, Martin’s influences were large and wide.  We met at a local dance on a teen night, just twelve years old and already in the music and dance scene. If it weren’t for that chance meeting, my life would certainly not have been the same. Although our paths led us in different directions, apart during extended periods, we found each other growing in this great journey we’re empassioned about: ART
It is therefore, with the greatest honor and sincerest affection that I am moved to represent Martin proudly as my longest standing friend and as an advocate in pursuance of his artistic path.
Martin’s artistic history includes a natural born talent for Fashion, beginning with outfits created at home on his Mom’s sewing machine. Celebrated nights out in some of the best known dance clubs of the late 70’s through the 80’s, were made spectacular through spontaneity on that machine! You have no idea…I mean, I remember one plastic garbage bag fit to be on the runway! Music, dance graffiti art and many wonderful Artists of this period were a strong influence, embedding a desire to make what his passion could not restrain. Many years, places and people were explored as he built his trajectory…until he began designing and making handbags and accessories out of repurposed leather under the name, Puntada Cruda (raw stitch)
This led to his most prolific calling to date: Creating Visual Art in a unique, extraordinary style with the repurposed leather he found to be his happy medium.

A shot from the Upper level balcony, shows all the wall pieces well, during a performance by Taylor Mack and impromptu, acting audience members

 Back to the Secret City, Gender Event:

Just after opening ceremony of this event, Martin discussed his Artworks pieces, which hung on the wall and seen throughout exciting performances, working also as the backdrop. Professionally astute in a radiant, confident grace (and looking sharp in some of his own designs, I must say), he spoke of his creative process, technique, how the ideas came about and why it is important to him. An eager audience appeared to bounce off their seats with anticipation of a Q&A. Questions were answered eloquently, as naturally as his artistic talents. The applause, accolades and a rushing excitement to get his info ensued. Art lovers, collectors, buyers, friends and family were on their feet in praise of his outstanding work. I have to say on a personal note, I felt like the proud mother I am to my own children!

Performance Artists who gave me the opportunity to see what all the roar was over the Secret City included:  Taylor Mac; Kristine Haruna Lee; the Secret City’s spectacular Band and Choir Singers; and lest we not forget the Grand Puba himself, Chris Wells. 
Loved your reading Chris! The show in its entirety was captivating, enticing enough that I shall return. Martin sweetie, everything you told me was certainly all I experienced and more! It truly is a joyful, community feeling where Art is purely felt. I highly recommend  these peaceful gatherings, rich in Artistic excellence. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of the audience and as a proud supporter.

I couldn’t end this post without sending out a very special thanks of my own to Martin, without whom I probably wouldn’t be half the person I am today. All my own faults aside, of course (so not punctual)…I can’t recall a time you didn’t look out for me in all our adventures. Huge Congratulations, Thank You, Love Always! 

Enjoy the rest of the images from the event….

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Taylor Mack gets the crowd going…such a pisser! 😉
Kristine Haruna Lee also had me in stitches!…a wonderful performance from everyone!

Excitement and sheer joy as the music plays on..The Secret City Singers and Band members are fantastic!

The Artist, Martin Rolon in black jacket & red leather slacks, getting to know some new fans and friends

Mercy, a very proud, loving sister, taking aim 🙂

The Artist, Martin Rolon among friends and supporters

After the show…Love the chairs!

I hope you enjoyed your visit here while reading this post and return again for more Art Appreciation!

Love and Peace Always,