Making Changes and Moving Forward


Just PolyTicks - complete, by Adriana J. GarcesAddendum: Today I added the finished piece “Just PolyTicks” to this post, since I hadn’t previously. It is set as the featured image.  I know it isn’t my best capture, yet I wanted to include it until I get a better one. Enjoy and thanks again for visiting!

Today I am adding WIPs of recent work and will continue building up this site until I have it in a viewer friendly format. Here you will find details on the most current Exhibition I have participated in.

I wish you all will enjoy the posts, including images, exhibitions, events and other nuances.

Today’s topic is my recent collaborative exhibition with fellow Artist Members at ConArtist Collective/ Gallery/ Storefront space.  It is also an uplifting center where Artists can work and store their creations, among other things. Please visit for more information and current Exhibitions and Events.

The name of the Exhibition is “Just Politics,” a collaborative effort between 11 Member Artists. follow #JustPolitics across the web. It is available for viewing through September 13, 2014 at ConArtist Gallery. be sure to visit for the up close and personal viewiing of its entirety, before I post my piece here on the blog.

Here are some of the WIPs I captured during creation of my piece titled: “Just PolyTicks,” a play on words for this polemic subject matter: WP_20140830_024 WP_20140827_024justPolyTicks detail WP_20140824_007 WP_20140815_010 WP_20140815_007 WP_20140815_004WP_20140813_008 WP_20140814_001


I hope you all enjoyed this brief start to my dedication in keeping current with my artwork, exhibitions and events.

Thank you and please do return!

Kindly contact me via email with any suggestions or inquiries.

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  2. Wonderful description of your process, especially the dream-wake state with which I certainly can identify with. Much continued success and Good Fortune with this site and with your work.

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  3. Hello!
    I’d first like to thank you for reading my blog and invite to follow along in this artistic journey.
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