Hey everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed a nice weekend wherever you are. Changes in the season are cause for celebration as leaves and flowers bloom everywhere. It’s a gorgeously warm day here in the New York City area and that alone is enough to test my patience. The reason is an urgent need to work on projects, while thinking about going outdoors. I think a little walk away from the usual is in order! I find it’s a great idea to step away from whatever we do at home, even if for a little while. Later on, I won’t regret that I missed out on much-needed sunshine. Where I’m situated, it’s a must with all the lengthy cold and gloomy days we otherwise experience.

My recent exhibition in “Sound and Vision” at ConArtist Collective Gallery was a whole lot of fun. I’m onto the next one in: “But Is It Art,” which opens this Wednesday, May 6th, 2015. 

I’ve added the piece I showed at Sound and Vision “Speak and Spell Re-envisioned” to my Gallery. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved creating it.

Speak -n- Spell Re-envisioned, Adriana J. Garces

Speak -n- Spell Re-envisioned, Adriana J. Garces


Until next time, be well and enjoy some of this glorious season!


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    1. Goodness, yes! I had a nice walk and stretch, reenergized for work. Thanks for dropping by with your thoughtful comments and encouragement, Shannon! Chat soon 😉


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