My Response : To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

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Hey everyone! This short piece is my response to The Daily Post here on WordPress:  To Sleep, Perchance to Dream. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Dreaming is an affordable way to fulfill one’s richest desires-be it material or not. In waking hours we might allow ourselves this privilege, which to some is perceived as luxury. As we set adrift, to sleep, perchance to dream, the luxury might even strike us as indulgence. Every night as I take myself to rest, I wonder if there was anything I missed doing. It can be a struggle between feeling the need to sleep and wanting to resume activities. I don’t usually take too long to give in to slumber once I’m down for the night. It’s more a matter of allowing myself to realize if I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted during my usual waking hours, why fight rest instead of allowing it to help all my tomorrows in becoming better ones?

My response to The Daily Post: "To Sleep, Perchance To Dream."

Sweet Dreams, Adriana J. Garces Acrylic on Stretched Canvas; 18″ x 24″ June, 2012 -Private Collection-

For me, dreaming is also another opportunity (perchance) to capture unexpected moments as the basis found in much of my artwork. More on my artistic direction can be found in my About page. I also wrote a previous post related to dreams you might like to read here titled “Prominent Dreams: The Ones We Remember Can Be the Best.” Converting dreams into the tangible forms of art as clearly as I can reflect them, is a challenge I gladly pursue. Creations derived from the vivid stories I get from prospective clients regarding their own dreams (or nightmares) is a whole other challenge I take on seriously and respectfully. Someone once commented to me that it felt almost as if an artist working on portraits for the authorities drew an entire picture of a yet unraveled occurrence. The good thing is, there were no bad moments in that dream and the person describing it was an exceptional storyteller.

The surreal quality found in many dreams where control of the scenario is often not the case is one of the many reasons I enjoy being open to them. Just as in a movie, we are held a captive audience, participants or both in plots of varying situations. It is this expectation of the unknown which led me to learn how to relax the mind for more placid dreams as opposed to the contrary. Gratefully, nightmares are not a frequent occurrence. Those are better left in the realms of Morphe. To some of you, that sentence may seem puzzling as dreams may be. It’s simply a phrase a dear loved one repeated when referring to the overpowering sensation of much-needed sleep. To others, a brief recollection of literary and scientific study might strike a chord as to its origins. That, I respectfully leave to the readers’ discretion. The subject of dreams and all its many perceptions is a long and interesting one I surely will love deciphering for a long time yet. I also expect to share more of what our dreams tell us through these writings and visual artworks I am so impassioned about.

Well friends, it’s about that time. As much as I am enjoying this, I must bid you all goodnight and “Sweet Dreams.” Thank you for joining me here and returning for updates!


P.S: A very special thanks goes out to our hosts at The Daily Post and of course, thunderwhenitrains for the suggestion!