The First Piece of my Hand Painted Window Film Series

Hand Painted Window Film Series

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I’m excited to have begun a new group of paintings in a series and as promised, I share some progress and completed images here. This first one was purchased before completion. All of my originals in the collection will be hand painted and I call it:                                 “The Hand Painted Window Film Series.”

I began with experimental sketches when trying to resolve the issue of privacy. That wasn’t the only experimental portion of this project! It’s the first time I tried painting on transparent films with a freehand, brushed on technique. The materials I tried are: Acrylic paints and matte medium in most areas; acrylics with transparent Elmer’s ® Glue; permanent markers; transparent, colorless Acetate bought in sheets or rolls. These are quite inexpensive and found in most hobby shops and art supply stores. They are produced in a variety of thicknesses, weight and colors. Some readers might recall the gaudy vinyl coverings on furniture, no? Well, this material is one type used in making those (best forgotten) design faux pas.
My intention is to create pieces that not only cover the privacy issue, but in effect are stand alone works of art. I didn’t want to deal with lead or any additional components where an elevated toxic ingredient may be involved. So, I attempted the faux approach. To me the most exciting appeal of its aesthetic beauty is in the brilliantly colored light patterns filtering through onto surrounding surface areas. The effect reminds me of fairytale scenes and joyful contemplation. I suspect that subsequent pieces will test my patience, as the excitement builds in seeing their end results. Different paints and mediums can do that while experimenting on ideal mixtures for any project.
In this first piece, using matte medium afforded the ability to reduce glare on the painted side, while maintaining its glossy manufactured finish on the other. While making a piece we can admire as artists for their quality and aesthetics, visual comfort is an important factor I like to consider for others who may view it. I believe the new owner of this piece is glad about that. The finished dimensions are 30” x 30”. One of my favorite moments in the process was blending the color transitions in the tulip, which gave it an oil painting effect. I’m pleased with the results and hope that you, my readers are, also. Another twist I like: it’s reversible!
I asked my son if he’d like to help in giving it a title and we decided on naming it after a song we like: “The Gentle People” by Emotion Heater. He said it reminds him of the Sponge Bob cartoon series. It sounds something like the music of late 60’s, very early 70’s, yet not elevator music. Its groovy melodies and moody vocals evoke a familiar, pleasant genre, later inspiring Ambient or Chill.

Without further ado, here are some WIPs (work in progress) and the finished piece.

Hand Painted Window Film Series

The Gentle People, detail on pre-lim


Hand Painted Window Film Series

The Gentle People
WIP 1; 1st paint layer after drawing.


Hand painted Window Film Series

The Gentle People- Detail before completion


Hand Painted Window Film series

The Gentle People, complete

I hope you enjoyed reading about and viewing images from The Hand Painted Window Film Series. Be sure to Follow for updates and watch this collection evolve, along with other exciting Art news.
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    1. Thanks so much Shannon! I’m glad you lil it and appreciate the enthusiasm to proceed. So many ideas, so little time they say. I look forward to realizing them. Have an awesome creative weekend, week ahead and life. Much appreciated! 😊


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