Upcoming Exhibition: “The Twenty Dollar Art Show”

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Hello everyone! I look forward to welcoming your attendance at the upcoming exhibition event where I’ll be participating. Stop in and say hello, stay awhile and enjoy the celebration.

I am honored to announce my participation in the

Upcoming Exhibition:  “The Twenty Dollar Art Show”

In this exhibition that’s sure to have something for everyone, postcard sized art is created from pure creative energy. Check out the exhibition update page from ConArtist Collective Gallery here. Guess what? ALL the artworks available are handmade and priced at a very affordable $20.00 each! These art goodies from some of the most interesting creative people known around the Lower East Side and beyond ( my own included) WILL NOT last long!  Special Tip: Get there early for the best picks and return through closing night for more rare opportunities to score some amazing, one-of-a-kind, original art. Yes, REALLY!

The Twenty Dollar Art Show

One piece among many I’ll be exhibiting and available for purchase.

The Curator for “The Twenty Dollar Art Show” is esteemed, fellow Artist Member and all around Staff Member, Brandon! Visit ConArtist Collective Gallery’s website for more information on all the amazing resources it delivers for Artists. While you’re there, be sure to checkout the lineup of current and upcoming exhibitions. I’m looking forward to the next two already! Hey Joe, I do realize that most things are better when they come in threes. This will be the first of three exhibitions in a row for me once again and I cannot be more excited. The last exhibition I participated in at ConArtist Gallery, “But Is It Art?” was a blast throughout with a spectacular opening!

Meet me and fellow Member Artists of ConArtist Collective Gallery for Opening Night of “The Twenty Dollar Art Show” at:

ConArtist Collective Gallery                                                                                                    119 Ludlow Street, New York, NY (between Rivington and Delancey Streets). The subway train stops are very close by on Delancey and Essex streets for the F, J, M and Z trains.                                                                                                                                The Gallery is ideally located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, well known for its deep roots and current involvement in the Arts , cafes, shops, nightlife and more.

Important dates for this exhibition:

07.08.2015 Wednesday 7 to 11 /// Opening Party
07.15.2015 Wednesday 7 to 11 /// Closing Party                                                            07.18.2015 Saturday 7 to 11 /// Last viewing date

The featured image is only one of many I’ll be showing. My artworks for this event are only a fraction of amazing pieces that will be available! I had the pleasure of creating alongside fellow ConArtist Collective members during group and drop-in sessions. There’s really nothing like it and if you’re an Artist yourself, I can only say great things about this place for talent, community and camaraderie.

A very special Thank You to Brian Shevlin, all the staff and co-creators for receiving my own forward facing spirit with a welcome embrace!

I hope to see you there and thank you for joining me here! Check back regularly and follow to receive more exciting updates. As always, please feel free to comment and Like below.

Until then, be well and good…



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  1. I subscribe to a newsletter called the skint and I actually got an update about this! I might check it out tomorrow. I get off work at 4! 😀


    1. That’s interesting. Thanks for dropping by here and we look forward to your company at tomorrow’s closing event. The exhibition will continue on view through Saturday, July 18, 2015.


    1. Hello Shannon 😊 As always, your kind comments and visits here are so very much appreciated. Thanks for stopping in and gracing my day with your welcome presence!


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