Fantastic Opening and Updates from “The Twenty Dollar Art Show”

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Hello everyone!

Welcoming you all back, I invite you to read about the

Fantastic Opening and Updates from “The Twenty Dollar Art Show!”

Opening night was a full house of happy people, all enjoying the sounds, ambiance- and of course, very affordable Art!  Our resident gallery dude and all around great guy, Brandon curated the event and hooked up the postcard sized art along with Gallery Director and Founder, Brian Shevlin. He’s the awesome, fun loving buddy of all Artists here and one anyone would enjoy learning about!    

It was fascinating to enter into our little world amongst the LES Arts District in New York City and find such a well laid out exhibition. I met old friends and new ones there, as always, lots of fun to be had. From local art students at the SVA to avid art collectors, it was the kinda party where no barriers separated the art from the people.

Many styles of art were created for this exciting event at ConArtist Collective Gallery and are being hung still as they practically fly off the walls! As I write, it’s break time for me (yeah, right!) in between creating more for this and the following exhibition to be announced soon. Soon as I’m done, it’s delivery time. Tonight is a great night to visit if you’d like to get them right off the easel. Besides, it’s Saturday in New York! Any questions on what you may do here as a visitor aside from visiting the Gallery? Feel free to comment and I’ll get back to you asap. One concierge consultation on the house from yours truly.

Here I leave you with some images from opening night. Be sure to check out the place and enjoy the exhibition through July 18th. 2015. Perhaps you also can score a piece or two from quickly rising artists in this exhibition, The Twenty Dollar Art Show at      THE LES Gallery to keep on your radar, ConArtist Collective Gallery!                                The ConArtist Collective Gallery and Storefront is located at: 119 Ludlow Street, New York City, NY. To all the participating Artists: Check out the pics for some of your work and drop me a line if you’d like image copies.

















Here is the previous post from when I announced the The Twenty Dollar Art Show.

Please feel free to leave your Comments and Likes, Follow for updates. I hope to meet some of you there and Thank You for joining me here, as well!




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    1. Yes, indeed it has been fun and a terrific concept worth repeating here and anywhere, really. You landing here would’ve made it one crazy performance art! I’d be glad to have you as a guest anytime Shannon. Thanks for the visit and always welcome comments!😊


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