Hiatus Over In a Flash


Hello dearest friends, family and followers!

I’m here today to touch base with everyone since I’ve been busy with many things.

As always, Art is a practice I continue and quite honestly feel ill without. In between the seemingly endless responsibilities, I try to at least sketch ~ anything! It keeps me going, focused and sane.

Some of the things which surely have taken up much of my time are: moving out of our home of nineteen years; downsizing while I search for a smaller space to live and work in; and most importantly, spending some quality time with my son who is going to live out of state with his Dad. That’s the part I know is hardest getting used to. Yet, I will remain focused on goals which can benefit us all as family, even though apart in distance.

Soon as I’m all settled in I will be able to get back to projects I began with regards to Art. Luckily I finished a few pieces I was working on and will present those here soon. In the meantime, here’s a peek at a commission I completed before diving into all the bigger changes we’ve faced:



Look for upcoming exhibition dates and announcements as I will be posting here. Also, check out my feed on Instagram @AdrianaJGarces, just as on Twitter. I have also launched a store on Etsy you might like to visit, where all of my available Originals may be purchased. Find me there at “Adriana Garces Art Works.” Over time I will be linking directly to my Etsy store from artworks displayed in my portfolio gallery here, so that the checkout process runs smoothly. Please enjoy, be well and return as often as you like. Please Follow if you wish to receive updates.

Until next time, I wish you all love and Peace. 😇✌🏼️❤️




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    1. Thank you very much for the vote if confidence Mr. Rains! I do look forward to exciting new pieces in the works and showing them in the near future. Thank you once again for visiting here, as well as, your support.

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