On this day, a few years ago, I recall a certain pull. It wasn’t a tug – much less a push. 

I understood, confused as I was, that certain things will come to pass – while others cannot be avoided. 

Today I am grateful for all that I am, was and will become. Grateful to be embraced by loved ones, to have loved those who came before us and those that are yet to arrive. 

I eat, have shelter, water and sun. The air, our earth, the birds flying high. The oceans majestic, the stars in the sky. That magnetic moon, it’s gravity unavoidable. The green of the grass, the trees shading all- and that sky, Oh, that sky- such astounding hues! 

I know, it seems simple- but that is all. Nothing else matters as much as these-

There’s nothing much better than the simplest things.

Wishing everyone a very happy, safe Thanksgiving. Mostly, that we all recall to be Grateful for all of the simplest things.




4 thoughts on “Grateful 

    1. Hello Renee:
      I am honored and so very grateful to have you as part of my little corner of the universe. You have served as great inspiration, a knowledgeable Arts advocate and down to earth human being I admire infinitely. Here’s to you in wishing the New Year and beyond continues to shine a light on your presence!


    1. Thank you so very much Shannon! I appreciate your invaluable support and inspiration, as well as, the unique talent and spirit you also share. Grateful we connected and feel spiritually akin. Much love! Hugs xxxxxxx ~Adriana


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