Adriana J. Garces Artist Statement 2018

I strive to capture the emotional aspects of humanity in all of my artworks and it is the one I continually develop. I draw, paint, photograph, sew, build, refurbish and more. Whenever I create, I feel I am myself. Dreams are an ever-present influence in many of the pieces I have created. The sleep-wake state has provided many a lucid inspiration for those artworks I have developed and continue rendering. This endeavor is the most accurate way I can express them through tangible records of the thoughts and processes otherwise unseen. It is my ‘picture’ captured before the moments disappear into an over  populated saturation of sources. In a sense, it has become a “storyboard” of life where I have sole discretion upon all of its elements. For ideas into my next creation, it is where I often look first. Requests from private clients into their own psyche have been turned into completed projects – an exciting extension of this journey.
I am mostly self-taught in painting. Aside from the excellence which was available in daily Art classes during my Elementary and High School years, Fashion Illustration in College was one where I learned all new techniques to later explore and master. I highly esteem my dear brother Javier for noticing my deep interest in the Arts and inspiring me to start a devoted study into Anatomy Illustration. He gifted me with a book on the subject I relish to this day. It is the one I’ve enjoyed studying from as early as I can remember. It’s also at the core of human figure studies and the first of my favorite visual art subjects. Naturalistic themes are another area I practice in, where landscapes and close-up renderings come to life. Bringing the two together results in work I find harmoniously balanced as our varying life cycles converge, evolve, merge and continue from one point in its existence to another. Reading avidly on all things of interest is a practice I maintain, while encouraging it among all youth. Continued studies into the areas I admire enrich a hobby turned career I shall not want to ever give up: seeking knowledge and sharing it abundantly for the good of humankind, while bringing my artistic visions to life.
The styles I enjoy and practice are Expressionistic, Figurative, Abstract and Surreal. Sometimes I combine unexpected styles, such as the surreal and classical, where a pleasing twist may surface between traditional and modern-contemporary.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my work!



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