Love Is…

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MyPart of a tryptich i exhibited in “Text Me!” at ConArtist Gallery, NYC, NY 2016

Eagle Over NYC

My contribution this year at #TwitterArtExhibit NYC 2016 #TAE2016

Brandon & myself after 4 hours of LIVE Painting- Arlene’s Grocery, NYC

Details of “Bad Kitty…” Coming Soon!

Love Is… the greatest memory one can aspire to. I’m not going to make this post about the gushy feelings I have as I recall some of the most beautiful times of my life. Why if I can expect to create so many more? 

Just a short couple of weeks ago, my family and I welcomed a new little member 😀💖 It’s a girl! – who’s a child of my girl’s- one of my daughters. This little doll is very special to us, as she is number fourteen of a bunch of great-grandchildren born under my parents. We’re a huge tribe! 

Love is grand, indeed. Today I recall my dear Dad in loving memory, on what would’ve been his 86th. birthday. As a proud father, grandfather and great-grandfather, he surely would’ve celebrated my Gia’s arrival as if it were the first of our clan. My Mom, thankfully here with us to share in a new joy, taught us alongside Dad, that we love and protect each other as a family should.

These great folks have been witness to oodles of history, traveling to the states from Cuba with barely the clothes on our backs. We thrived richly in ways which simply cannot be bought. A legacy of great wealth such as ours- is truly priceless. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. With this, I extend my apologies, while leaning on resourcefulness to accomplish the balance we as humans crave. As I continue to march forward, I’m not only grateful but proud to have attended the “School of Garces.” Thank You Familia!! This grand institution showed me all about what Love Is… 😊

History will always involve:      those who were (such as my Dad); those who’ve just arrived (my granddaughter) those who are yet to arrive (a nephew’s baby). 

Still I must add- that which is yet to be. Tomorrow I’m meeting with a private gallery owner who is interested in showing my work. 

I look forward to confidently presenting my work in the hopes of reaching new agreements. In the course of my arts journey- It’s been a crazy ride. But I’m not done yet! Sure, there have been ups and downs. Of course I laughed and cried along the way (brushing off my shoulders). Hmmmph! The agony of defeat hasn’t taken my heart- I’m honored to add. Defeat is not an option when looking to succeed at a balanced lifestyle. It is my hope to inspire you, readers- to not stay down for long after a tough winded battle. At least for myself, when all else fails, there’s still the act of creating. With art to fuel my passions and being my passion, I don’t get bored because I couldn’t possibly allow it. It’s this which will leave for you a legacy: 

 What you do with your time and who you spend it with. 

For now I must rest. Tomorrow is another important day in my history. Today I celebrated and will until I sleep. At this time of night, silently within. It’s bedtime after all! Before I go, I announce there to be more surprises to be revealed in my next post, along with results about tomorrow’s gallery meeting. 

I hope to continue inspiring you my readers- to look ahead, look up, look all around and drink in life as you mean it. If only because you’re making history 😊 

Until next time- thanks for reading, returning and enjoying my work! Please feel free to follow here for updates, as well as, in my Social  Media circles. 

Peace! 😀✌🏼️💖💕💕💕💕💕

~Adriana J. Garces

So Much More 

Music related artwork

In memory of a person well loved the world over: a celebrity of grandeur most dream to become; a son, brother, father and husband; surely a friend to so many more. A person- so much more.

David Bowie was in the news yesterday morning, sadly because of his passing on from this world we call ours. “Peacefully,” I’d read and hoped– for what more can we ask for when remembering those admired and loved?

So much more:

I’d learned about Bowie’s passing in a newsletter and thought it is a great loss in music history besides a life of historical moments. Just the day before I’d picked up my piece of artwork, which was included in the exhibition “Celebrity” at ConArtist Gallery. Consequently it’s a portrait I’d painted of David Bowie. I was so glad to have it back, I was telling my friend about it. I was thinking that as much as we treasure our work as Artists, it’s often difficult to let them go. Art takes time, effort, inspiration, financial setbacks even- and so much more.

Well, I know life has a lot more meaning than materials. 

David Bowie was and always will be remembered as a work of Art- in and of himself. His music lives through the unique sound of his voice and forever classic tracks. The style in Bowie’s fashion choices as most people know, were just as uniquely expressed. I wasn’t among those fortunate to have viewed the recent exhibitions built around all the public details of his life- yet I’m proud to say it’s been an honor to be a fan since Bowie’s start with celebrity. Yes.       I consider myself to have been a privileged child back then. 

Mr. Bowie fit right in if not declared a misfit of the times. To many, he stood out appropriately enough to be noticed- and very well so. As I recall, these ears were in sound training most of my waking hours and I don’t regret much of it when it pertains to music. Still, Bowie carried himself with so much more! 

I know. Life is funny. It’s got a way with making us fall and breaking it; taking our breaths away at the most incredible moments and still, (you know the rest). Such is Life…and Art- the mirror upon which lies its reflection.


Art Is…Inspiring; therapeutic; time consuming; full of effort; expressive; Meaningful- and of course: Full of LIFE! 

The Art that is Bowie and all he produced is all that and so much more. Art such as his, LIVES. In effect, so does he. 

Rest in Peace, Mr. Bowie. Rest assured that I’ll be “swaying to the sound” for as long as I can.

Until next time- May we cherish how we express ourselves- historically.

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On this day, a few years ago, I recall a certain pull. It wasn’t a tug – much less a push. 

I understood, confused as I was, that certain things will come to pass – while others cannot be avoided. 

Today I am grateful for all that I am, was and will become. Grateful to be embraced by loved ones, to have loved those who came before us and those that are yet to arrive. 

I eat, have shelter, water and sun. The air, our earth, the birds flying high. The oceans majestic, the stars in the sky. That magnetic moon, it’s gravity unavoidable. The green of the grass, the trees shading all- and that sky, Oh, that sky- such astounding hues! 

I know, it seems simple- but that is all. Nothing else matters as much as these-

There’s nothing much better than the simplest things.

Wishing everyone a very happy, safe Thanksgiving. Mostly, that we all recall to be Grateful for all of the simplest things.



Exhibition Opening: CELEBRITY

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Hello everyone!

It’s great to see you all back here and would like to extend an invitation to join me and my fellow Artist Members at ConArtist Gallery for:

“Celebrity ”

It begins tomorrow night, Wednesday November 4th.  at 7-11 pm and runs through November 14th. 

I’m participating with a piece inspired by David Bowie, which I began and completed some months ago. In it I wanted to express the ever-changing, effortless transition from one Celebrity whose music and style has inspired countless. The obsession with Celebrity may stem from many roots. Where we ground ourselves in society is a mark the aspiring dream to achieve. It’s also part of my love for music and dance spanning a lifetime. Please join us and be sure to get all the deets at ConArtists‘ website page for this and all other exhibitions.

Here’s a sneak peek at a WIP before completion, although this 4′ x 3’ piece on wood is better appreciated up close and in person. I mount them all myself as I prefer canvasses.


upcoming exhibition: CELEBRITY

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust by Adriana J Garces

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Thanks for checking in once again. Stay tuned or follow if you wish to receive updates on my latest work, exhibitions and other event details. 


Hiatus Over In a Flash


Hello dearest friends, family and followers!

I’m here today to touch base with everyone since I’ve been busy with many things.

As always, Art is a practice I continue and quite honestly feel ill without. In between the seemingly endless responsibilities, I try to at least sketch ~ anything! It keeps me going, focused and sane.