Fantastic Opening and Updates from “The Twenty Dollar Art Show”

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Hello everyone!

Welcoming you all back, I invite you to read about the

Fantastic Opening and Updates from “The Twenty Dollar Art Show!”

Opening night was a full house of happy people, all enjoying the sounds, ambiance- and of course, very affordable Art!  Our resident gallery dude and all around great guy, Brandon curated the event and hooked up the postcard sized art along with Gallery Director and Founder, Brian Shevlin. He’s the awesome, fun loving buddy of all Artists here and one anyone would enjoy learning about!    

Upcoming Exhibition: “The Twenty Dollar Art Show”

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Hello everyone! I look forward to welcoming your attendance at the upcoming exhibition event where I’ll be participating. Stop in and say hello, stay awhile and enjoy the celebration.

The First Piece of my Hand Painted Window Film Series

Hand Painted Window Film Series

Welcome friends, family and Art fans!

I’m excited to have begun a new group of paintings in a series and as promised, I share some progress and completed images here. This first one was purchased before completion. All of my originals in the collection will be hand painted and I call it:                                 “The Hand Painted Window Film Series.”

My Response : To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

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Hey everyone! This short piece is my response to The Daily Post here on WordPress:  To Sleep, Perchance to Dream. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

Dreaming is an affordable way to fulfill one’s richest desires-be it material or not. In waking hours we might allow ourselves this privilege, which to some is perceived as luxury. As we set adrift, to sleep, perchance to dream, the luxury might even strike us as indulgence. Every night as I take myself to rest, I wonder if there was anything I missed doing. It can be a struggle between feeling the need to sleep and wanting to resume activities. I don’t usually take too long to give in to slumber once I’m down for the night. It’s more a matter of allowing myself to realize if I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted during my usual waking hours, why fight rest instead of allowing it to help all my tomorrows in becoming better ones?