TIME is of the ESSENCE


Recently, I read a newsletter which provokes the very heart of anyone into being stirred. In essence, it is a subject most anyone can relate to- that of loss, grieving and going through the stages that eventually allow us to find peace. I won’t refer to it for privacy of the writer and wish it serves as comfort through this difficult time. In this writing, I don’t intend for it to overpower that eloquent writer’s story of discovery. Nor do I wish it to be a somber excerpt of the correspondence I subscribe to, but a view of my own on the subject. I would hope that in the least, it extends warm thoughts and peace to those who understand and need it.

When I was a very young girl, I experienced the first loss in one I loved so dearly, my maternal Grandmother, Zoila. To me she represented as much as my Mom if not more for so many additional reasons we find in loving grandparents. They seem to have that much more when anxious thrill is felt at the thought of seeing them, hugging, talking or merely playing. I particularly loved exploring her facial features, looking into her eyes as she admiringly smiled back with them. They were beautiful, light brown eyes with a twinkle I’d hope to never forget. Her cheeks were full and rounded out more in her big warm smiles. That’s how I gave her a nickname: “carita de manzana” – (little apple face). Oh how I loved to smoosh her face between my hands and gently yank on those cheeks! I guess she appeared as a doll to me, since she was a jolly playtime pal to us all. What’s funny is, each of us (all eight) of her grandchildren, thought somehow that our grandma was all ours- exclusively ours! I mean, I thought I was her favorite and so did all my siblings. Nowadays we’ll still recall moments to try proving that to each other and it’s splendid to know she had infinite love for everyone. Enough love, you ask? No. Love is never enough unless it is both given and received. Grandma had more than enough. This is where the word essence comes into play. Read on…


Wishing you Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays everyone!

I wanted to send you, all my esteemed  family, friends and supporters a special note of gratitude along with best wishes….

Happy Holidays 2014

Happy Holidays 2014

This time of year is one where we tend to reflect upon the year that’s passing before looking ahead. Some of us may think: “I can’t afford to wait for the New Year! I must think ahead now!” With good reason, you might all be feeling this tension in the air. Yet, I hope that positivity leads the way, no matter what the future may hold. I for one, consider myself an imperfect resident of this beautiful planet we call home. I don’t mean to be, nor do I want to be perfect. Still, I know it’s easy to just say: “think positive.” For that reason, it is my wish. I wish you all a peaceful journey full of love – everywhere you go. I wish that light fills where darkness should not exist; and that we as people can envision that there is a  solution to everything before mortality. Most of all, I wish everyone would try to approach every situation with Love, Kindness and Peace as the way to a meaningful future. May you all be Blessed with the priceless riches we simply cannot buy.

LOVE isthe key ♥ Now start opening some doors with that and truly enjoy a wonderful, healthy, Peaceful Holidays!

Thank you for visiting and continuing to support my hopes with your valued inspiration!


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Hello friends, family and followers!

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I hope your Thanksgiving was full of special memories among loved ones and the action of bringing everyone together continues infinitely. I look forward to just that: the enjoyment of being able to have each others’ company, even if for a little while.  It’s tradition for us here in the states to participate in theses celebrations during the Holidays, although it seems important that we try our best to nurture all of our relationships whenever we have the opportunity. May yours be full of joy, great health and always, LOVE!

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Until next time….wishing you all the very best of the Holidays and beyond!



Although DIY’s have grown exponentially most recently due in large part to the lack of financial stability everywhere…there’s still something to be said about being able to put almost anything together. I pretty much figure that resourcefulness becomes almost second nature when it’s needed. NO. It isn’t gloating in any way, shape or form. Rather, it’s a good feeling to be self sufficient- even if only to acquire the most necessary.

Recently, I lost a much needed lighting source in one of the bedrooms. The only lamp I had in there broke. I got to thinking what I had available and how I could make a lamp in the most efficient way possible. I’d seen some ideas previously which led me to use a cracker can. The large type used in the packaging of soda crackers, such as Keebler’s ®, a really good choice in scale. many items come to mind when considering such a task. I’m sure you can come up with a bunch. For those who think you must be crafty or artistic is a requirement, that’s not so. This project is easy as pie (or crackers)! But, please…do have fun and turn on your favorite tunes while you’re at it! I thought if I can make a lamp in less than a day, why not share it for others who may need to solve a similar dilemma?

Here is my take, “DIY Lamps: So Easy.” I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Below are my instructions: