I-NTO Yellow and the $99.00 Show – Upcoming Exhibitions

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Hello everyone and welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere!I hope you’ve all been having a fantastic summer so far and that it gets better everyday.

I’m here to announce two upcoming exhibitions where I’ll be participating with ConArtist Collective, where I am an Artist Member for those who didn’t know already. 😊 It’s been a heck of a ride as long as I’ve been in the arts and a notch higher, bigger, better, faster, stronger since being part of the Collective. The people here have been warm, welcoming and just like a huge family. I dare say I’m blessed twice to have two tribes! 

On with the art! 

The upcoming exhibitions I’m participating in, are:

1.  The $99.00 Show opens August 3rd. 2016 from 7-11 pm. Here the Artwork is up for an awesome $99.00 each- all of it! But don’t ever doubt quality and creativity will go into every one…ConArtist Collective knows well what the art loving public wants to see and have. Because we are impassioned people who work doing what we love in collectively putting on a show with camaraderie and peace at the helm, our work delights time and again- if I may say so myself.   😊✌🏼️💖

2. I-NTO Yellow opens August 17th. 2016 from 7-11 pm. For this event, the theme is Optimism and you guessed it- yellow is the chosen color. We don’t always select a color as part of the theme, yet there is a very special kind made exclusively by our Curating Artist for this event, -BKA- Uncle Riley. It’s called “I-NTO Yellow” and is produced in conjunction with Pantone. Yup! That Pantone! There’s a huge, amazing reason behind it which you’ll know all about at the event. I hope some of you in the area will consider joining us and bring a smile, warm hugs and salutations 😊             You’re welcome!

Please be sure to check both shows out at ConArtist NYC Gallery for closing events and last view dates. Opening nights are best for these, if you’re so compelled to bring home a masterpiece from one of the incredible artists participating- including my own. They tend to fly off the walls- literally on opening nights. 

Enjoy the sneak peeks before the events , which I hope you’ll enjoy in person. 

Thanks so much for joining me here, as well as, on Social Media and following along 😊🙏🏼

Until next time… Be resourceful and creative in all you love to do. Your future self will thank you for it!

~Adriana J. Garces

Multi-disciplinary Visual Artist and Blogger

Exhibition Opening: CELEBRITY

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Hello everyone!

It’s great to see you all back here and would like to extend an invitation to join me and my fellow Artist Members at ConArtist Gallery for:

“Celebrity ”

It begins tomorrow night, Wednesday November 4th.  at 7-11 pm and runs through November 14th. 

I’m participating with a piece inspired by David Bowie, which I began and completed some months ago. In it I wanted to express the ever-changing, effortless transition from one Celebrity whose music and style has inspired countless. The obsession with Celebrity may stem from many roots. Where we ground ourselves in society is a mark the aspiring dream to achieve. It’s also part of my love for music and dance spanning a lifetime. Please join us and be sure to get all the deets at ConArtists‘ website page for this and all other exhibitions.

Here’s a sneak peek at a WIP before completion, although this 4′ x 3’ piece on wood is better appreciated up close and in person. I mount them all myself as I prefer canvasses.


upcoming exhibition: CELEBRITY

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust by Adriana J Garces

I look forward to seeing you all there!

Thanks for checking in once again. Stay tuned or follow if you wish to receive updates on my latest work, exhibitions and other event details. 


Upcoming Exhibition: “The Twenty Dollar Art Show”

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Hello everyone! I look forward to welcoming your attendance at the upcoming exhibition event where I’ll be participating. Stop in and say hello, stay awhile and enjoy the celebration.

Hey everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed a nice weekend wherever you are. Changes in the season are cause for celebration as leaves and flowers bloom everywhere. It’s a gorgeously warm day here in the New York City area and that alone is enough to test my patience. The reason is an urgent need to work on projects, while thinking about going outdoors. I think a little walk away from the usual is in order! I find it’s a great idea to step away from whatever we do at home, even if for a little while. Later on, I won’t regret that I missed out on much-needed sunshine. Where I’m situated, it’s a must with all the lengthy cold and gloomy days we otherwise experience.

My recent exhibition in “Sound and Vision” at ConArtist Collective Gallery was a whole lot of fun. I’m onto the next one in: “But Is It Art,” which opens this Wednesday, May 6th, 2015. 

I’ve added the piece I showed at Sound and Vision “Speak and Spell Re-envisioned” to my Gallery. I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved creating it.

Speak -n- Spell Re-envisioned, Adriana J. Garces

Speak -n- Spell Re-envisioned, Adriana J. Garces


Until next time, be well and enjoy some of this glorious season!


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