Although DIY’s have grown exponentially most recently due in large part to the lack of financial stability everywhere…there’s still something to be said about being able to put almost anything together. I pretty much figure that resourcefulness becomes almost second nature when it’s needed. NO. It isn’t gloating in any way, shape or form. Rather, it’s a good feeling to be self sufficient- even if only to acquire the most necessary.

Recently, I lost a much needed lighting source in one of the bedrooms. The only lamp I had in there broke. I got to thinking what I had available and how I could make a lamp in the most efficient way possible. I’d seen some ideas previously which led me to use a cracker can. The large type used in the packaging of soda crackers, such as Keebler’s ®, a really good choice in scale. many items come to mind when considering such a task. I’m sure you can come up with a bunch. For those who think you must be crafty or artistic is a requirement, that’s not so. This project is easy as pie (or crackers)! But, please…do have fun and turn on your favorite tunes while you’re at it! I thought if I can make a lamp in less than a day, why not share it for others who may need to solve a similar dilemma?

Here is my take, “DIY Lamps: So Easy.” I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Below are my instructions: