I-NTO Yellow and the $99.00 Show – Upcoming Exhibitions

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Hello everyone and welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere!I hope you’ve all been having a fantastic summer so far and that it gets better everyday.

I’m here to announce two upcoming exhibitions where I’ll be participating with ConArtist Collective, where I am an Artist Member for those who didn’t know already. 😊 It’s been a heck of a ride as long as I’ve been in the arts and a notch higher, bigger, better, faster, stronger since being part of the Collective. The people here have been warm, welcoming and just like a huge family. I dare say I’m blessed twice to have two tribes! 

On with the art! 

The upcoming exhibitions I’m participating in, are:

1.  The $99.00 Show opens August 3rd. 2016 from 7-11 pm. Here the Artwork is up for an awesome $99.00 each- all of it! But don’t ever doubt quality and creativity will go into every one…ConArtist Collective knows well what the art loving public wants to see and have. Because we are impassioned people who work doing what we love in collectively putting on a show with camaraderie and peace at the helm, our work delights time and again- if I may say so myself.   😊✌🏼️💖

2. I-NTO Yellow opens August 17th. 2016 from 7-11 pm. For this event, the theme is Optimism and you guessed it- yellow is the chosen color. We don’t always select a color as part of the theme, yet there is a very special kind made exclusively by our Curating Artist for this event, -BKA- Uncle Riley. It’s called “I-NTO Yellow” and is produced in conjunction with Pantone. Yup! That Pantone! There’s a huge, amazing reason behind it which you’ll know all about at the event. I hope some of you in the area will consider joining us and bring a smile, warm hugs and salutations 😊             You’re welcome!

Please be sure to check both shows out at ConArtist NYC Gallery for closing events and last view dates. Opening nights are best for these, if you’re so compelled to bring home a masterpiece from one of the incredible artists participating- including my own. They tend to fly off the walls- literally on opening nights. 

Enjoy the sneak peeks before the events , which I hope you’ll enjoy in person. 

Thanks so much for joining me here, as well as, on Social Media and following along 😊🙏🏼

Until next time… Be resourceful and creative in all you love to do. Your future self will thank you for it!

~Adriana J. Garces

Multi-disciplinary Visual Artist and Blogger