A multitude of Tribes

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…and a multitude of Tribes convened every night at every dance club and underground venue happening in New York. Most times we hopped…meaning multiple places until the sun came up. We jammed and broke in dancefloors, pavements and stages across the City in a trance of rhythm for the mere feeling of the music beats and physical energy released passionately. We LIVED for rhythm. I still do.


Love Is…

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MyPart of a tryptich i exhibited in “Text Me!” at ConArtist Gallery, NYC, NY 2016

Eagle Over NYC

My contribution this year at #TwitterArtExhibit NYC 2016 #TAE2016

Brandon & myself after 4 hours of LIVE Painting- Arlene’s Grocery, NYC

Details of “Bad Kitty…” Coming Soon!

Love Is… the greatest memory one can aspire to. I’m not going to make this post about the gushy feelings I have as I recall some of the most beautiful times of my life. Why if I can expect to create so many more? 

Just a short couple of weeks ago, my family and I welcomed a new little member 😀💖 It’s a girl! – who’s a child of my girl’s- one of my daughters. This little doll is very special to us, as she is number fourteen of a bunch of great-grandchildren born under my parents. We’re a huge tribe! 

Love is grand, indeed. Today I recall my dear Dad in loving memory, on what would’ve been his 86th. birthday. As a proud father, grandfather and great-grandfather, he surely would’ve celebrated my Gia’s arrival as if it were the first of our clan. My Mom, thankfully here with us to share in a new joy, taught us alongside Dad, that we love and protect each other as a family should.

These great folks have been witness to oodles of history, traveling to the states from Cuba with barely the clothes on our backs. We thrived richly in ways which simply cannot be bought. A legacy of great wealth such as ours- is truly priceless. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here. With this, I extend my apologies, while leaning on resourcefulness to accomplish the balance we as humans crave. As I continue to march forward, I’m not only grateful but proud to have attended the “School of Garces.” Thank You Familia!! This grand institution showed me all about what Love Is… 😊

History will always involve:      those who were (such as my Dad); those who’ve just arrived (my granddaughter) those who are yet to arrive (a nephew’s baby). 

Still I must add- that which is yet to be. Tomorrow I’m meeting with a private gallery owner who is interested in showing my work. 

I look forward to confidently presenting my work in the hopes of reaching new agreements. In the course of my arts journey- It’s been a crazy ride. But I’m not done yet! Sure, there have been ups and downs. Of course I laughed and cried along the way (brushing off my shoulders). Hmmmph! The agony of defeat hasn’t taken my heart- I’m honored to add. Defeat is not an option when looking to succeed at a balanced lifestyle. It is my hope to inspire you, readers- to not stay down for long after a tough winded battle. At least for myself, when all else fails, there’s still the act of creating. With art to fuel my passions and being my passion, I don’t get bored because I couldn’t possibly allow it. It’s this which will leave for you a legacy: 

 What you do with your time and who you spend it with. 

For now I must rest. Tomorrow is another important day in my history. Today I celebrated and will until I sleep. At this time of night, silently within. It’s bedtime after all! Before I go, I announce there to be more surprises to be revealed in my next post, along with results about tomorrow’s gallery meeting. 

I hope to continue inspiring you my readers- to look ahead, look up, look all around and drink in life as you mean it. If only because you’re making history 😊 

Until next time- thanks for reading, returning and enjoying my work! Please feel free to follow here for updates, as well as, in my Social  Media circles. 

Peace! 😀✌🏼️💖💕💕💕💕💕

~Adriana J. Garces



On this day, a few years ago, I recall a certain pull. It wasn’t a tug – much less a push. 

I understood, confused as I was, that certain things will come to pass – while others cannot be avoided. 

Today I am grateful for all that I am, was and will become. Grateful to be embraced by loved ones, to have loved those who came before us and those that are yet to arrive. 

I eat, have shelter, water and sun. The air, our earth, the birds flying high. The oceans majestic, the stars in the sky. That magnetic moon, it’s gravity unavoidable. The green of the grass, the trees shading all- and that sky, Oh, that sky- such astounding hues! 

I know, it seems simple- but that is all. Nothing else matters as much as these-

There’s nothing much better than the simplest things.

Wishing everyone a very happy, safe Thanksgiving. Mostly, that we all recall to be Grateful for all of the simplest things.



TIME is of the ESSENCE


Recently, I read a newsletter which provokes the very heart of anyone into being stirred. In essence, it is a subject most anyone can relate to- that of loss, grieving and going through the stages that eventually allow us to find peace. I won’t refer to it for privacy of the writer and wish it serves as comfort through this difficult time. In this writing, I don’t intend for it to overpower that eloquent writer’s story of discovery. Nor do I wish it to be a somber excerpt of the correspondence I subscribe to, but a view of my own on the subject. I would hope that in the least, it extends warm thoughts and peace to those who understand and need it.

When I was a very young girl, I experienced the first loss in one I loved so dearly, my maternal Grandmother, Zoila. To me she represented as much as my Mom if not more for so many additional reasons we find in loving grandparents. They seem to have that much more when anxious thrill is felt at the thought of seeing them, hugging, talking or merely playing. I particularly loved exploring her facial features, looking into her eyes as she admiringly smiled back with them. They were beautiful, light brown eyes with a twinkle I’d hope to never forget. Her cheeks were full and rounded out more in her big warm smiles. That’s how I gave her a nickname: “carita de manzana” – (little apple face). Oh how I loved to smoosh her face between my hands and gently yank on those cheeks! I guess she appeared as a doll to me, since she was a jolly playtime pal to us all. What’s funny is, each of us (all eight) of her grandchildren, thought somehow that our grandma was all ours- exclusively ours! I mean, I thought I was her favorite and so did all my siblings. Nowadays we’ll still recall moments to try proving that to each other and it’s splendid to know she had infinite love for everyone. Enough love, you ask? No. Love is never enough unless it is both given and received. Grandma had more than enough. This is where the word essence comes into play. Read on…

Wishing you Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays everyone!

I wanted to send you, all my esteemed  family, friends and supporters a special note of gratitude along with best wishes….

Happy Holidays 2014

Happy Holidays 2014

This time of year is one where we tend to reflect upon the year that’s passing before looking ahead. Some of us may think: “I can’t afford to wait for the New Year! I must think ahead now!” With good reason, you might all be feeling this tension in the air. Yet, I hope that positivity leads the way, no matter what the future may hold. I for one, consider myself an imperfect resident of this beautiful planet we call home. I don’t mean to be, nor do I want to be perfect. Still, I know it’s easy to just say: “think positive.” For that reason, it is my wish. I wish you all a peaceful journey full of love – everywhere you go. I wish that light fills where darkness should not exist; and that we as people can envision that there is a  solution to everything before mortality. Most of all, I wish everyone would try to approach every situation with Love, Kindness and Peace as the way to a meaningful future. May you all be Blessed with the priceless riches we simply cannot buy.

LOVE isthe key ♥ Now start opening some doors with that and truly enjoy a wonderful, healthy, Peaceful Holidays!

Thank you for visiting and continuing to support my hopes with your valued inspiration!