A multitude of Tribes

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…and a multitude of Tribes convened every night at every dance club and underground venue happening in New York. Most times we hopped…meaning multiple places until the sun came up. We jammed and broke in dancefloors, pavements and stages across the City in a trance of rhythm for the mere feeling of the music beats and physical energy released passionately. We LIVED for rhythm. I still do.

Upcoming Exhibition Announcement: Sound and Vision

Upcoming Exhibition Announcement: Sound and Vision

Music related artwork, Upcoming Exhibitions

Hello everyone:

I am pleased to announce my participation in the

Upcoming exhibition: Sound and Vision at ConArtist Collective Gallery.

The theme proposed is right where I feel best, as it relates to music. By now, most of you know I do most everything while listening to music- from creating artwork to tidying up at home. My fellow participating artists and I were selected to re-imagine our own versions of album art from music which inspires us.