Drawings Past and Present

Here is a wide selection of drawings from a lifetime of creating. These are ones I’ve made using graphite, ordinary pencils, ballpoint pens, inks…you get the ‘picture.’

I will add any specific details and dates as I go along. Be sure to check back here often for updates. There’s so much more to add and look forward to adding here.

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The Sun Shines Again for 2012 #TwitterArtExhibit L.A.

The Sun Shines Again for 2012 #TwitterArtExhibit L.A.

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese!


Winter Is Past, the Sun Has Risen

Winter Is Past, the Sun Has Risen


Concept sketch for a large scale mural project 2014

Concept sketch for a large scale mural project 2014


Portrait of my Father, Juan

Portrait of my Father, Juan


Javi's Gone Fishing with Eagle Friend

Javi’s Gone Fishing with Eagle Friend


School Chairs: Vintage, Salvaged and Redesigned

Last summer of 2014, I refurbished these Vintage children’s school chairs. This project I envisioned with great pride, as it was for two of my grand-children. Yes, I’m a grandmother!

The child-sized chairs you see here were pretty much in good condition when I first saw them. They had a few scratches and minor layers removed from the wooden backs and seats in certain spots, as well as, minor rust in their sturdy metal legs. Originally, these were salvaged by the children’s paternal grandmother, an educator from an elementary school where they were getting replaced.

I’d mentioned to my daughter how the chairs appeared so sturdy, it would be a shame to just leave them in their poor aesthetic condition. That’s when we began going over the idea of refurbishing them. Since we all enjoy summertime activities which include swimming and water sports, she browsed through images along those themes for ideas. We decided to give them each a unique design, since the kids are a boy and a girl with different likes, although they are quite balanced when it comes to playtime. Aside from their differences, we still wanted to keep a complementary color theme.

I used:

  • Matte wood primer in white
  • Household paint sample jar with low VOC’s in a satin finish (blue on the wood)
  • Artist’s acrylic (white, yellow and honeysuckle pink on the wood)
  • Rustoleum Glossy finish spray paint (white on the metal legs)
  • Gloss Polyurethane finish (on wood)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Painter’s masking tape

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Bench Seat Series

This project is part of my bench seat series including WIPs , which I chose to paint in an Abstract style and vivid color theme. In this post I began with two of three pieces. The final piece I worked on is sized to fit adults, while the first two are for the babies in our family. I started this series when I received wooden planks from my mother. I shudder at the thought of them going in the trash! I LOVE working on wood and have been doing so for quite some time. Re-purposing natural and found objects in Art-even more!! For these particular pieces, I used Liquitex Artists Acrylics-Permanent Pigment tubes. I’m not sure they even manufacture that line anymore, but I do know I trust their brand for quality acrylic paints and mediums. This type of paint was excellent for my bench seat series, as I wanted to stain the woods for an everlasting quality and of course, the exquisite saturation it upholds. Glazing was done with Zar-Interior Ultra Max, Waterborne, Oil Modified Polyurethane, in their Antique Flat finish type. It’s SUPER Matte! The best features are that it’s fast-drying, easy water clean up, low odor and perfect on exotic woods, including floors. I hope you enjoy them and contact me if you would like to commission any work for yourself or a loved one. Read on, enjoy the images and thanks again for visiting! Adriana

Color Rain, Adriana J. Garces Permanent Acrylic Pigments on Wood Plank 20-1/2" W x 11" D x 2" H

Color Rain, Adriana J. Garces
Permanent Acrylic Pigments on Wood Plank
20-1/2″ W x 11″ D x 2″ H

Taxi-1, Adriana J. Garces Liquitex Artist Acrylics-Permanent Pigments on Wood Plank 20-1/2" W x 11" D x 2" H

Taxi-1, Adriana J. Garces
Liquitex Artist Acrylics-Permanent Pigments on Wood Plank
20-1/2″ W x 11″ D x 2″ H

Beginning stages of “Taxi-1.”


“Taxi-1” after completion of the first bench. It’s simple, yet very sturdy. The space underneath we use for children’s book selections. They also love hiding trinkets in there!

“Color Rain” right angle view


“Color Rain” in its second layer, as I add abstract forms in pops of vivid oranges and reds. The first layers I applied in a glaze, to really show the wood’s gorgeous grain. This also gave me a mildly muted ground for all the brights I planned to overlay.

“Taxi-1” completed and “Color Rain” before mounting…side by side to show the color story I chose for this bench series.


“Color Rain” in progress. 3/4 view.


Flip Flop,Turquoise side of a reversible bench seast. See Flip Flop Orange for its reverse.

Flip Flop,Turquoise side of a reversible bench seat. See Flip Flop Orange for its reverse.


Flip Flop, Orange side of a reversible bench seat. See Flip Flop Turquoise for the obverse.

Flip Flop, Orange side of a reversible bench seat. See Flip Flop Turquoise for the obverse.


It’s the grain I flip over when working on wood! In the WIPs, you might see how I try to keep as much of it visible as possible, while smoothing out any rough edges before and during the painting process. In keeping within their original character, I also love to show the wood’s integrity through all its natural knots, cracks, dents and any other previous markings.

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Images Added: Updates on the #BassBoomProject


Hello everyone!

As promised, I carved out a little time to add the images here as part of the  #BassBoomProject.

These are the completed images of how the entire piece looks. Since it is a three dimensional, box shaped piece, I include several images for better viewing. After the finishes were applied, its smooth black background turned out flawless! I used Matte Mod Podge for the final steps. Although it’s a favorite of mine, I do offer it for sale. If you are interested in this or any other piece, please contact me directly via email.

Please enjoy and take a look back at the story behind this very loved project. Without further ado, here is the entire #BassBoomProject:

Flowering Mandarin double panel view 4 Double panel view 2 double panel view 1 Boom Face WP_016810 Top, Bass Runway Nights Revisited Papi y las Mandarinas double panel view 3

I hope you enjoyed them and share if you like. Thank you for visiting!

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The #BassBoomProject


In June 2014 over Father’s Day weekend I participated along other Artist Members of ConArtist Collective in the Paterson Art Walk.

All of us were given choice in the selection of pieces to show. Since the Paterson Art Factory is made up of many buildings and is an old mill converted into art studios, the square footage is huge…I mean, the dreamy kind of large any artist could wish for! If ever you have the opportunity, visiting the Art Factory will prove an adventure in itself.
The one piece I really wanted to stand out is a Subwoofer I’d painted on all four sides and the top. It’s been in the family for quite awhile and is still kicking out a mean bass! That little sound box was originally part of a gaming system my nephews and niece first owned and shared with my children whenever they got down to battle in digital mode.  The title and theme I used for promotional aspects is: “The #BassBoom Project.” I use the hashtag here as it can be found across many web platforms within social media.